Benefits included

Worker satisfaction

A happy worker is a productive worker when the cleaning equipment is running efficiently. 




Extended equipment life

Properly trained employees and a Preventive Maintenance program will help keep your equipment like new. Call and ask for details and a site visit.




Lower cost to clean

Trained employees who know how to properly use and maintain equipment will save you money and time.





Detailed service report

The technician details all of the work performed on every piece of equipment, writing this information on the invoice. This is a good way to track the repair history on the equipment.



Free battery disposal, recycling and pickup

We love to help mother nature and recycle when we can. Any type of battery will be picked up at no charge. Please call to schedule a pickup today.



Safety inspections

Improperly maintained equipment can lead to employee injury or property damage. Safety inspections can prevent this from happening to you. Safety is priority.