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Unleash Your Cleaning Capability

Liberty SC50


The Nilfisk Liberty is an innovative commercial floor scrubber that utilizes state-of-the-art robotics to deliver exceptional cleaning results. Its advanced autonomous capabilities enable it to navigate complex environments with ease, making it the perfect choice for large commercial spaces such as shopping centers, warehouses, and factories.

With its advanced autonomous technology, this machine can easily clean even the largest of spaces. Discover how Nilfisk machines can transform even the largest of spaces.


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Results You Can Trust

Key Features

  • With a coverage rate of between 98% and 99.5%, the Nilfisk Liberty consistently delivers outstanding cleaning results in any commercial environment.
  • With three cleaning modes, the Nilfisk Liberty provides the flexibility you need to tackle any cleaning task with ease.
  • CopyCat™ mode lets you drive a route once and the machine will perfectly replicate both the cleaning path and the cleaning process every time
  • Fill-In mode allows you to drive the perimeter of a space, and the machine will automatically calculate the best route to clean every inch within that perimeter.
  • For ad hoc cleaning, the manual mode lets the machine work just like a regular scrubber dryer.

Additional Features

  • Advanced safety system operates independently of mapping, obstacle system, and path planning.

  • Separate system ensures immediate stoppage in case of detecting an unsafe event.

  • Dual safety-rated sensors provide 360-degree coverage, detecting obstacles and hazards precisely.

  • Drop-off sensors detect drop-offs like loading docks, stairs, escalators, and steps, preventing accidents and equipment damage.

  • Ensures completion of cleaning tasks efficiently and safely, providing peace of mind and safety in the workplace.

Clean with Confidence

Experience the ultimate cleaning solution with machines engineered to deliver cutting-edge scrubbing performance and effortless maneuverability.

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