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Boost Your Cleaning Capabilities

RoboScrub 20

The RoboScrub 20 is an advanced robotic floor scrubber developed by Minuteman, designed to provide a highly efficient and effective cleaning solution for various commercial environments such as shopping centers, grocery stores, warehouses, and production halls.


With its autonomous capabilities, this innovative machine can operate independently to thoroughly scrub floors, leaving them spotless and free of dirt and grime. Whether you need to clean large areas quickly or tackle hard-to-reach spaces, the RoboScrub 20 is an ideal cleaning solution that can help you save time and effort while achieving outstanding results.

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Predictable Outcomes


  • Compact and programmable automated floor scrubber, integrated with intuitive BrainOS® Technology for easy operation.
  • Equipped with built-in 3D and 2D cameras and sensors, this machine can navigate and complete cleaning routines efficiently.
  • With two Discover AGM Batteries, it provides up to four hours of operating time on a single charge.
  • The Aqua Stop brush comes with non-abrasive nylon bristles for deep cleaning, and a band that keeps water inside the brush deck.
  • For added safety, emergency features include two Auto-Stop Buttons, Horn, Anti-Joy Ride Detection, and Turn Signals.
  • With a charging time of seven to eight hours, this floor scrubber is the perfect cleaning solution for your business.


Cleaning path: 20 in/50.8 cm
Productivity per hour theoretical max manual mode: 24,500 ft2 / 3106m2
Brush RPM: 175
Solution tank: 16 gal/60.5 L
Recovery tank including demising chamber: 16 gal/60.5 L
System voltage: 24 volts
Battery run time: Up to 4 hours
Battery: 230 Ah AGM
Weight empty: 343 lbs/155.5 kg
Weight empty with batteries: 615 lbs/279 kg
Length: 55.5 in/140.9 cm
Width: 26 in/66 cm
Height: 47.5 in/120.6cm

Dependable performance

Machines engineered with unbeatable scrubbing performance, intuitive controls, and high maneuverability to make your cleaning program more efficient than ever before.

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